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Talisman Gallery Sofas, Table and Lamp with JD Roman Statue at Domus Fair 2014

CIRCA Cherelle Capra Furniture Domus Fair

Kunst Himmel Furniture Domus Fair Second Life 2014

Jojo Deed Domus Fair Second Life

Hanstrid Inshan Domus Fair Second Life

Jojo Deed Domus Fair Second Life

Anthony Gartner Domus Fair 2014 Bedroom


In a truly outstanding setting, Domus Fair takes place and it has a great selection of items that you will enjoy.

Envisioned by Serab Pep and wife Jojo Deed, this first edition of Domus Fair has been a huge success and there are plans to continue with this beautiful event in subsequent seasons.

With a solid group of talented designers and interior decorators, Domus Fair will make you feel right at home.


Limo to Domus Fair 

Items shown are designed by:

Jojo Deed, Cherelle Capra, Kunst Himmel, Philip Talisman, Ravenna Rossini,

Plato Novo, Serab Pep, Anthony Gartner and more.