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plein soleil

Foxes - Dolly Shorts  - for Collabor88 Rowne.Actress - Sunglass (Grey) Rowne Mode.Jem Mesh head Rowne.Raquel Ponytail - Style 02 (MeshHead) {Reverie} Haight-Ashbury Bag - for Shiny Shabby *EverGlow* - Soft 10 pose Skye Beach 3

Le style c'est tout!

Glam Affair - Lorella Skybox for Collabor88 Rowne Mode.Jem Mesh head - SPF20 Rowne.Raquel Ponytail - Style 03 (MeshHead) (Milk Motion) wrap dress - blush for Collabor88 Earrings HOOP-RSM GOLD Apple Spice - Against the Wall Pose 015 Arm pose Nylon Outfitters - Manicure Into the Light for Collabor88

New York is always a good idea.

Rowne.Raquel Ponytail - Style 01 Rowne Mode.Jem Mesh head ISON - chiffon shorts - for Collabor88 ISON - cutout crop top  for Collabor88 Nylon Outfitters for C88 manicure - Into The Light for Collabor88 PILOT - Hermes Sofa [Charcoal] for 6th Republic [PM]Pixel Mode - The Heights Studio Apartment for 6th Republic IAF Chunky Gold Li[...]

Coming home

Addams - Leather Jacket w/ Hoodie & Shirt - for TMD *~*Damselfly*~*Lochlainn Non-Rigged Mesh for TMD Blue Jeans LQM - ClassicCut - REDGRAVE .:revival:. original stool grey for 6th Republic [PM]Pixel Mode - The Heights Studio Apartment for 6th Republic -David Heather-Industrio Big Pile of Magazines for 6th Republic .:revival:. indu[...]


Tee*fy Giselle Romper - Black for Collabor88 Lamb. Babylon for Collabor88 ~BAZAR~Stockholm Bedroom for 6 Republic Stockholm-Bed Stockholm-Bedroom Lamps Stockholm-Flip Clock Stockholm-Bedroom night stand stool Stockholm-Sneakers decor (male) Stockholm-Clothing rack (male) Stockholm-Paper bag (decor) Stockholm-Bedroom Rug [...]

The smell after rain

(Yummy) Fragmented Shades - Cream for Collabor88 {anc} broken chair / white 5Li for Collabor88 ::HH:: Hucci Paine Sandal - Collection (LARA) for Collabor88 ICONIC-JACQUELINE-HAIR-ENHANCE (Edited) {Reverie} 'L.A. Woman' Tucked Tee Off-White {Reverie} 'L.A. Woman' BFs Cutouts  Blue -brown belt ANE Boho Loops - Magic Act Skye Beach 2


 (Espy) Jersey/Satin Dress Exile::Slow Burn Exposeur - The White Rooms for Fameshed

sans pose

Rowne Mode.Jem Mesh head - SPF25 ♦Jem Jirickova Mesh Head available in SPF 20 & 25 ♦Beauty Book Hud which includes: - 14 Lipsticks, 7 Blushes, 12 Eyeshadows and 3 Eyeliners - 11 Eye Colors - 6 Eye Lashes - 11 Eye Colors - 6 Eye Lashes - 6 Emotes - Eyelid Options - Freckles - Beauty Marks - Hairbases that coordinate with Rowne Hair [...]

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